Psalm 116:1-2

Psalm 116:1-2

Prayer is not as easily as it seems.
Sometimes I have no courage to say a word, because I think my heart is so unworthy before the God who made it. But he hears, o God heartily thank you because you hear.  (via worshipgifs)


God’s grace is based on His nature, not your behavior.
Jefferson Bethke (via chloeturnermusic)

If marriage isn’t a commitment, then what’s the point of the vows we say?

Now, “Till death do us part” really means “Till the feelings go away.”

Jefferson Bethke (via mid-night-ink)
The problem isn’t what you do, it’s that your heart needs to be made new. Because if you don’t crush your idols, your idols will crush you.
Jefferson Bethke  (via buildfaithdaily)

I always learn this the hard way…tomorrow is a new day.

My baby

My baby

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Satan’s a clever one, isn’t he? He lets us pray and do good works, sure, but he makes very sure we only do the ones we want to do. And anything done because it’s your will is always less beautiful than something done out of humility and submission.
Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Bipolar Faith and Its Antidote (via by-grace-of-god)

He’s faithful.

But not just when the pain is ending and the understanding comes.
He was faithful in the midst of our hurt, when we were filled with confusion.

He doesn’t suddenly become faithful when we finally come to know what He was doing the whole time we thought He had left us.

When we were unfaithful, He was faithful.
When we didn’t understand, He was faithful.
When we hated Him, He was faithful.
When we blamed Him, He was faithful.
When we marred His reputation, He was faithful.

When we left- He stayed.
When we cursed- He blessed.
When we hated- He loved.

He is faithful.
He was faithful.
He has always been faithful.

(And if the only time you call Him faithful is when you aren’t facing trouble, then you must realize that it was not Him who was unfaithful during that time, but you.)

(via yesdarlingido)
I find You during the sleepless nights, when the seconds seem to slip as quickly as deadlines come upon me. You are hope and strength and comfort in my solitude and You tell me that with You, I can do all things.
I find You when other people’s words sting much worse than they should, my heart, resolve or security cracking just a little. You hold me up, hold me together; I am reminded that who I am is everything I’ve been given in You.
I find You whenever I meet dead ends, the enormity of mountains and walls keeping me frozen in fear. You lift me up, make me soar, and see me through. The stars tremble in awe of Your majesty, and oh, how these mountains tremble because of You.
You find me in my highs and lows. You hold me through it all. I see and experience You not because I’ve earned it, but because You chose to be near. In the darkest or the brightest, I find You because You’ve always been there. With me.
Pam Carbungco, Found (via godsradicaldaughter)